Editor Easy Scene Loader


Editor easy scene loader is a Unity Editor plugin that helps you save a lot of time by quick access to the scenes action like load, Add or play them. it’s very useful when you change the scenes frequently.


This tool has two lists:

  • Editor Settings:

In this category, scenes that are in the Editor built setting are shown.

  • Favorites:

you can add any scenes to your favorites, therefore you can find them easily. 

This tool's header has the following buttons:



  • Build Settings: Show the scenes that are in the Editor Build setting

  • Favorites: Show a costume list of the user's favorite scenes

  • Refresh button: used to refresh the scenes name in the list. If the user makes any changes to the Editor Build settings, the showing scenes will be refreshed.

  • Settings button: show the setting panel of the tool.


Build Settings


In this section, all the scenes that exist in the Editor build setting will be shown.

There are some tools for each scene in the list as shown in the above figure.


  • [←] used to select the scene object file in the Project panel

  • [👁️] used to Load the scene in Single mode (normal mode)

  • [+] used to Load the scene in Additive mode

  • [►] used to load the scene in Single mode and then Play


There is a toggle button [Hide Disabled scenes in Build Setting] that used to hide the scenes that are disabled in the build setting.



In this section, you can add your favorite scene to the list to easily access them. It is useful in large projects.


The new buttons in this section are:

  • [↓] Use this button to add the current open Scene (in the editor) to the favorites list.

  • [+] use this button to add a custom scene to your favorites list, an Open panel will appear then you can select your favorite scene.

  • [Trash] used to delete a scene from the favorites list.




In this section, you can adjust the tool buttons to be shown.


  • Show [index]: used to show/hide the scenes index number

  • Show [←]: used to show/hide the Scene object file selection button

  • Show[view] /[👁️]: used to show/hide the Load scene(Single-mode) button

  • Show[+]: used to show/hide the Load scene(Additive mode) button

  • Show[►]: used to show/hide the Play the Scene button


For example:






 You can find this asset in Unity Asset Store